Bug#572621: ispell mode break original ispell mode from jed

John E. Davis davis at space.mit.edu
Thu Jun 10 01:17:09 UTC 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 11:29:29 +0200, Paul Boekholt <p.boekholt at gmail.com> said:
>Anyway, I think the "-a" option should not be in the variable. Emacs' ispel=
>mode has had an ispell-program-name without " -a" for at least 13 years, an=
>my version has used it for 7 years. Users who have customized it and switch
>to jed's ispell will have problems.

I think that the -a has to go somewhere, otherwise ispell does not
work for me.  In fact, if I use:

   echo foood | ispell

then I get a usage message.

I see that flyspell.sl adds the -a when starting the flyspell process.
If Ispell_Program_Name already contains -a, then multiple -a values do
not seem to hurt.  So it seems that loading ispell.sl first before
flyspell.sl should work.  It may not work the other way around, but it
is unclear to me why one would do that.


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