Bug#626412: Patches for Bug#626412 and Bug#654991

Guenter Milde milde at users.sf.net
Mon Jan 9 20:55:21 UTC 2012

On  9.01.12, Wookey wrote:
> +++ Rafael Laboissiere [2012-01-07 20:11 +0100]:

> > I have participated to the Debian JED Group before I retired from Debian.
> > The current members of the group do not seem to be very active regarding
> > the maintenance of the package.  If a good soul DD or a member of the QA
> > team could upload the fixed package, I would be very grateful.

> I have just joined the (somewhat moribund) jed maintainers group as
> jed is my primary editor and it is in danger of being thrown out due
> to lack of love.

Welcome to the group. 

I am still working on and with the Jed editor, but lacking the privileges
(and time and familiarity) to upload new releases.

> I currently totally unfamiliar with the codebase, but am in a position
> to review, apply, test and upload things like this patch.

> Will try to get to it in next couple of days. 

This is good news.
The "Guidelines for maintaining JED-related Debian packages"
are still valid in most aspects.
Please feel free to ask on the list if any questions arise.

I will make a new jedmodes release with fixed email.sl soon.



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