Bug#654991: Patches for Bug#626412 and Bug#654991

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at laboissiere.net
Sun Jan 15 12:14:48 UTC 2012

* Wookey <wookey at wookware.org> [2012-01-15 04:10]:

> OK, I have updated jed-extra with this fix (and the one for
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=571832
> and the one for
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=582055 which was
> already in SVN)

Thanks a lot!

> I am not currently able to commit these changes back into SVN so I can
> follow the procedure on
> http://pkg-jed.alioth.debian.org/DJG-Guidelines.html about tagging new
> releases etc.
> What do I need to do to get commit rights on that repo?

Jörg Sommer and Guenter Milde are the admins of the pkg-jed project at
alioth.debian.org and they can give you the commit rights.  I hope they
are still subscribed to the pkg-jed-devel mailing list, so they will see
this message.

> Also that page talks about a git repo. Where is that from - jed upstream?

The Git repos are for other packages maintained by the Debian JED
Group.  You can see them at http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ under

> Shall I just uploade the fixed package anyway so the package becomes
> useful again and we can sort out permissions and procedures afterwards
> or would you prefer me to stick to the procedure?

I would say you should upload the fixed package.  I was the leader of the
Debian JED Group during the time I was a DD, but I am retired now. The
other members of the group, Jörg and Günter seem to be quite inactive
these last times.  At any rate, the DJG is in their hands now, so my
suggestions can only be regarded as those from an outsider.

> I have only done perfunctory testing - jed still works, jed-extra now
> installs without error. I don't know how to test mail_mode (but it
> sounds useful). That mode doesn't appear in Buffers->Select_mode.

You can enter mail_mode by typing "M-x mail_mode" (in Emacs emulation
mode).  I use JED's mail_mode in conjunction with mutt and I have
something like this in my ~/.jedrc:

define my_mode_hook ()
  variable file;
  (file,,,) = getbuf_info ();
  if (0 == strncmp (file, "mutt-", 5)) {
    mail_mode ();
    return 1;
Mode_Hook_Pointer = &my_mode_hook;
setkey ("mail_mode", "^X^M");


Best regards,


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