[Pkg-jed-sl-modules] Re: Please allow slang-slirp in etch

Andreas Barth aba at not.so.argh.org
Tue Dec 26 14:06:29 CET 2006

* Rafael Laboissiere (rafael at debian.org) [061226 13:42]:
> In version of slang-slirp, I fixed the RC Bug#404009.  This bug is
> also present in the version currently in testing  The versions in
> testing and unstable do not correspond to the same upstream versions, but
> the upstream changes were minimal.  The changes between and
> regard only the rename of the /usr/bin/slirp into
> /usr/bin/slang-slirp (as well as the man page) in order to avoid the
> conflicts with the slirp package.
> It would be a good thing to hint slang-slirp_1.9.0.3-2 into etch.



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