slgtk fails to build with gtk 2.18

Michael Noble mnoble at
Sat Feb 20 15:12:06 UTC 2010

Dear Jorg,

Thank you for contacting me.  I apologize for not responding
sooner, but have been in bed for several days with a fever
and strep throat.

I've posted a tarball of SLgtk 0.7.6 to the FTP area at

web site, but have been holding off announcing it until more
testing could be done by collaborators.

The changelog is appended below, from which you'll notice that
one of the changes includes Gtk 2.18 compatibility.  It also
includes a fix for the GtkPlot widget (which I bundled from
the GtkExtra package), but since it's from Feb 10 it does not
include the other GtkExtra widget patches you submitted.  I'll
look to include them in the next release.


	     SLgtk: S-Lang bindings to the GIMP Toolkit
			    Change Log
			mnoble at

Version 0.7.6:

   .	imdisplay 0.5.0:
	   - "anim[=delay]" option: for animating sequence of 2D images;
	      optional value specifies frame refresh delay, in milliseconds
	      (default: 500 = 0.5 sec)
	   - "anim" option also animates 3D volumes as series of 2D slices
	   - List_Type[N] and Array_Type[N] are now accepted, interpreted
	     as 1D sequence of of 2D frames & automatically animated
	   - animations may be saved in GIF format
	   - 'save=<filename>[/type]' option: animations or stills may be
	      saved automatically to files, without drawing GUI first
	   - accept "horiz[ontal]" and "vert[ical]" options as shorthand
	     for "panes=horiz[ontal]" and "panes=vert[ical]"
	   - options may now be specified as qualifiers, too

   .    VWhere 1.3.10:
   	   - more flexible for use of namespace-qualified variables,
	     as well as references to struct field names & local variable
   	   - bugfix for log plotting, reported by Dave Huenemoerder

   .	bundled new S-Lang GIF module, for better animation support
   .	cleaner configure mechanism, with most output redirected to config.out

   .    gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels() returns UChar_Type[M,N] instead of opaque type
   .    configure: -32/-64 options may now be used to mandate 32/64 bit compile
   .    wdisplay: displayed widget now reusable after toplevel win is destroyed
   .	wrapped GdkPixbufSimpleAnim (simple animations), GtkPlug & GtkSocket
   .	examples/ to exercise GtkSocket/GtkPlug (see src/slgtk-demo)
   .	wrapped GtkUIManager (and used in socket example)
   .	wrapped GtkAction & GtkActionGroup (and used in socket example)
   .	Reflect SLIRP 1.9.7 typing scheme: e.g. opaques have _Type suffix
   .	various build patches from John Davis, for compile warnings & autoconf
   .	establish Gtk 2.18 support (compat. problem reported by A. Shuvaev)
   .	routines with a GError** in their signature (to pass error state back
	to caller) are now wrapped with a SLIRP annotation to elide the GErrror
	from the signature; instead, a S-Lang error will be throw containing 
	GError instance as the "object" field of the thrown exception. Routines 	impacted by this are the gdk_pixbuf_new_* gtk_ui_manager_add_* sets
	of functions, among others.

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