Bug#761719: slcfitsio: Please build-depends on libcfitsio-dev instead of libcfitsio3-dev

Aurelien Jarno aurel32 at debian.org
Mon Sep 15 20:23:54 UTC 2014

Package: slcfitsio
Version: 0.3.8+nosvn-4.1
Severity: wishlist
Tags: sid

Dear maintainer,

With the latest upload of cfitsio, the development library has been
changed to libcfitsio-dev from libcfitsio3-dev, as we now have only one
version of the cfitsio library in the archive. libcfitsio3-dev is now a
transitional package depending on libcfitsio-dev. The goal is to get
this package removed after the Jessie release.

slcfitsio build-depends on libcfitsio3-dev. Could you please
change it to libcfitsio-dev, so that the libcfitsio3-dev transitional
package can later be removed? So far there is no real urgency to do so,
and thus there is no need for a specific upload to fix this bug. That said
if you prepare an upload, you can squash this change in. I'll upgrade the
severity of this bug (if still opened) after the Jessie release.

tcl-fitstcl 2.3-3
wcslib 4.23-1

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