Lotus5 module for JtR, copyright issues

bartavelle bartavelle at bandecon.com
Sun Jan 18 17:54:30 UTC 2009

David Paleino wrote:
> Hello,


> I wanted to integrate the Lotus5 module into the Debian package of
> john. Some issues were encountered in src/lotus5_fmt.c, and I'm writing you
> because that's the only contact available in the source code.
> 1) Is Jeff Fay contactable in any way? A contact (preferably an e-mail address)
> would be great, but this is not a show-stopper to me (but I should ask
> debian-legal guys, to be sure)

I can't find any email from him in my mailbox. It seems that I never 
contacted him, but it was a while ago and I'm not sure anymore. If I did 
contact him, I googled contact information.

> 2) A copyright holder is missing for you, your real name would be best [0]

I'd rather use my pseudonym. It's not too hard to find my real name from 
this, just from the WHOIS records.

> 3) A licensing statement is missing at all. Could you please choose a DFSG-free
> license? Common are GPL, BSD and MIT/X11 (there are many others), but also
> Public Domain is fine.

I'm not the original author of this, so I would not presume on his 
intentions. However, as JtR is GPLv2, I'd say that all patches are 
implicitly GPLv2. You might want to contact debian-legal for an endless 
argument on this subject :)

> Please keep the list CCed, so that we have a public record of our mailing.
> Kindly,
> David Paleino
> [0] this issue also popped up in various other modules where you are listed in
>     the source files:
>       src/rawMD5go_fmt.c
>       src/rawSHA1_fmt.c
>       src/NSLDAP_fmt.c
>       src/OPENLDAPS_fmt.c
>     I won't ping you regarding *this* issue on those files, but you can
>     probably show up in the CC lists.

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