SHA1 module for JtR, copyright issues

bartavelle bartavelle at
Sun Jan 18 18:08:52 UTC 2009

David Paleino wrote:
> Hello,
> apart from the "Real Name"/"Copyright Holder" issue, I'm missing a copyright
> statement for src/rawSHA1_fmt.c .
> Please choose a DFSG-free license, and also keep an eye on [0] if you want your
> module be included in JtR upstream.
> [0]
> Also, src/sha.h is missing both a copyright statement and an author/copyright
> holder. You're not listed there, but this file seems coming from the same patch
> as src/rawSHA1_fmt.c. Do you know how can I contact its author? (or is it you?)

Argh! Debian technicalities at its finest :) I do not really care about 
the license attached to my "work". Most of it is just copy and paste 
from the main program, with some small changes. Anyway:
* I'm the original "author" of sha.h
* I'd like stuff I wrote to be GPLv2, and I'd grant a less restrictive 
license to Solar in case he wants this upstream. I wont elaborate too 
much on this, as I think it is highly unlikely.

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