HTTP Digest auth module for JtR, copyright issues

Romain Raboin romain.raboin at
Sun Jan 18 19:40:10 UTC 2009

> Hello,
> I'm writing to you because you wrote the module in subject. Trying to include
> the patch for this module into the Debian package for john, I encountered some
> issues:
>  1) no copyright years are given.
>    Since a patch cannot convey timestamps information, I cannot infer those
>    from anywhere. Please provide one or more years, or a range;

I wrote this patch during july / august 2008

>  2) no licensing statement is made.
>    Please choose a DFSG-free license to ease inclusion into Debian. Also, you
>    might want to ask for inclusion upstream, and that has additional
>    requirements:
>    Also Public Domain is fine, but please clearly state it.

All my work about password cracking was released under GPL license.

>  3) I suppose you're the copyright holder for doc/HDAA_README as well, but I
>  cannot include it until I'm sure. So please clearly state this as well.

Yes I wrote doc/HDAA_README. You can find my work here :

> Please remember to keep the list CCed, so that we can have a public record of
> our mailing.


Romain Raboin

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