SHA1 module for JtR, copyright issues

Solar Designer solar at
Mon Jan 19 03:10:17 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 07:21:22PM +0100, bartavelle wrote:
> Most of my production is quite bad, and should be considered as ugly 
> PoCs. I believe that no proper developer would want my source code in 
> his official tree.

There are several reasons why I care about licensing terms for your code

- I am redistributing the patches off of Openwall's website and FTP
mirrors, and having no license at all might not give me this right;

- various packagers of JtR, including Debian, apply and redistribute
builds of JtR with those patches;

- there's potential for a "community branch" of JtR, which I and/or
others might start to maintain - and such code would be acceptable there
(hopefully, to be cleaned up somewhat with subsequent commits);

- the code is potentially of interest for the official JtR as well - not
as-is, but rather as "documentation" of the crypto transformations, a
set of tried and working optimization hints, etc. - if I produce cleaner
code while looking at yours, I might end up matching some portions of
your code quite closely - and for that a compatible license would help
avoid any speculations about the new code being derived from yours and
illegally re-licensed.



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