revisions of patches to use (was: Releasing to Public Domain)

Solar Designer solar at
Mon Jan 19 03:54:42 UTC 2009


On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 06:51:55PM +0100, David Paleino wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jan 2009 20:40:11 +0300, Solar Designer wrote:
> > Well, I think you could include in Debian without the patches
> > initially.  You don't have to apply them.
> Sure I could. But then I would forget about them, and after some months I'd say
> "wtf are these patches here? rm -rf debian/patches/*!" ;-)
> (trust me, no one knows me better than myself.)

OK.  Please make sure that you're using nothing older than
john- for the patches now.  I fixed plenty of bugs
in contributed code by this revision of the jumbo patch, compared to
patches available separately (or in the contributors' trees or as part
of older revisions of the jumbo patch).

In fact, I am aware of more bugs to fix in that code...  I just haven't
had time to work on another revision of the jumbo patch since then.


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