[Bug 49698] Article viewer gets cleared when viewing new article and news fetch ends

heikki at indexdata.dk heikki at indexdata.dk
Wed Aug 29 08:39:22 UTC 2007

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------- Additional Comments From heikki indexdata dk  2007-08-29 10:39 -------
I can not provide a patch, but I can suggest one way to do it: Improve the filtering algorithm so that instead of 'show only unread articles' the rule says 'show only unread articles, and the currently displayed article'. (and the same for the rest of the filters, automagically behind the scenes).

That way, the filters will never decide to filter the currently displayed article away, and the problem disappears. 

I don't know the internals of knode, but this sounds like a fairly trivial piece of logic, provided that the information is available at the right place. Would a developer care to comment?


   Heikki Levanto

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