[pkg-kolab] Patches check

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Thu Dec 15 00:41:58 UTC 2005

Here's an analysis of how badly some of the standard packages shipped 
with Kolab are patched.

(Based on packages listed here: 

Needs patch for mod_auth_ldap.  This in turn doesn't seem to be 
available in Debian at all for Apache 1.  Create a new separate package 
for this one.

Needs an IMAP-related patch.  Create forked package for Kolab.

imapd (cyrus)
Needs a bunch of patches.  Create forked package for Kolab.

Needs patches for php-imap module.  This is a separate source package in 
Debian, so it should just be forked for Kolab.

Needs LDAP-related patches.  Not sure what to do.

Contains a bunch of patches, but Debian also contains a bunch of 
patches.  This is probably OK as is, but it's hard to tell.

That's all.  The rest are unpatched standard packages or Kolab-specific 
native packages.

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