[pkg-kolab] Re: license of schema files

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Apr 5 09:25:38 UTC 2006

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?No=E8l_K=F6the?= <noel at debian.org>
> kolabd was rejected by ftpmaster because of this schema license text
> The text is the same like the one from core.schema from openldap2.2

That's really strange. How can one include 'Portions' of something
when forbidden to modify it in any way?

> Can anybody tell me what to do:
> a. include rfc2739.schema because its like core.schema?

Not without talking to ftpmaster, unless you like rejection.

> b. write a bug against openldap2.2 because they have the same problem?


> c. maybe it rfc releated and need waiting for RFC license discussion (i
> dont know the status of it)?

The RFC copyright licence problems have been discussed. See
for one possibly relevant thread (anyone got a better link?)

> d. something else?

Find a way to avoid the copyright material and achieve the same
effect as using it.

Sorry there's no easy answers :-/
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