[pkg-kolab] install on debian server

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Wed Apr 5 14:47:50 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 04:28, Jesus Arocho wrote:
> I included the alioth site to my apt sources.  I try to install on to a server 
> currently running plain debian sarge.  the install stops because of missing 
> packages.  Any attempt to install the missing packages just ends up in 
> additional missing packages; recursive non install.  Is there a how-to 
> somewhere as to how the new debian packages are to be installed?  It does not 
> seem that apt-get will do the job.

Pkg in alioth are build for sid/unstable.  AFAIK there are
no backported pkgs yet.

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