[pkg-kolab] Bug#358805: kolab-cyrus-common: Broken init script for kolab-cyrus

Jeff Warrington jeff at qoolio.org
Wed Apr 5 16:01:01 UTC 2006

Regarding the error log reporting this:

DBERROR: opening /var/lib/cyrus/ptclient/ptscache.db: No such file or

I checked and found this information from the Cyrus page:


> If you use ptloader, it now runs as a regular cyrus service. This
> means that you will need master to acquire and maintain AFS tokens
> for it. You will also need to create the ptclient directory under
> your imap configdirectory, to hold the PTS cache (now a full-fledged
> cyrusdb) and UNIX socket

I created the directory /var/lib/cyrus/ptclient and made
owner of cyrus.mail

After this change the kolab-cyrus start script successfully
starts cyrus.

-Jeff Warrington

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