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Steffen Joeris white-guest at costa.debian.org
Tue Jan 24 12:55:26 UTC 2006

Author: white-guest
Date: 2006-01-24 12:55:25 +0000 (Tue, 24 Jan 2006)
New Revision: 211

* wrote some notes

Modified: trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/README.Debian
--- trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/README.Debian	2006-01-24 12:26:21 UTC (rev 210)
+++ trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/README.Debian	2006-01-24 12:55:25 UTC (rev 211)
@@ -1,330 +1,15 @@
-Cyrus IMAP for Debian
-$Id: README.Debian 5 2005-03-12 23:19:45Z sven $
+Kolab-Cyrus IMAP for Debian
-   "All systems administrators have their horror stories. For me, it was
-    setting up a HP Color Bubblejet under Linux using ghostscript before
-    linuxprinting.org was alive.  Well that was a piece of cake compared
-    to what I am about to describe in this document."
-         --  "Hosting email for virtual domains using Postfix and Cyrus"
-	                                     Haim Dimermanas, 2001-08-01
+This is a special version of the cyrus package to run
+in a Kolab system. Please notice that this package is only
+for use with Kolab. If you need the cyrus for other purposes
+please use the cyrus22 package from the Debian Cyrus Maintainers.
+Our advice is to always install the kolabd package and then this one 
+will be installed automatically, so there is normally no need to
+manually install this package.
-           "I warned you to read all the documentation first, didn't I?"
-                                    --  Henrique M. Holschuh, 2002-10-01
+At this point we want to thank the Cyrus Maintainers for their help.
+We will keep in contact with them about changes and coordinate our 
+cyrus work with them.
-IMPORTANT: Cyrus is a closed-box email system.  Your system will access your
-email through LMTP, IMAP and POP3 *only*.  No direct file access to the email
-store is supposed to take place.
-For more information, please consult http://asg.web.cmu.edu/cyrus/imapd/ and
-http://asg.web.cmu.edu/twiki/bin/view/Cyrus/WebHome (Cyrus WiKi).  There is
-also Cyrus-HOWTO (Cyrus-IMAP.txt) available as part of the LDP HOWTO
-collection.  Upgrade hints are in UPGRADE.Debian.  Outdated documentation will
-cause you much grief, so beware of that when hunting anywhere else than the
-Cyrus mailinglist for information.
-Information about updated packages for Debian stable (i.e. of updates that
-are not necessarily security updates) is available at 
-WARNING: For one to get Cyrus IMAPd to work correctly, one must first get the
-SASL layer to work correctly.  This is far from trivial, so if you don't manage
-at first, don't go around filling bugs against Cyrus IMAPd before you make damn
-sure it is not a SASL configuration error.  Read the hint list later on this
-file as well.  Start by reading README.Debian.simpleinstall.
-The Debian packaging of Cyrus has a few quirks which are important to know
-1. Renaming of some Cyrus IMAP utilities
-   The quota, reconstruct, master and deliver utilities have been renamed to
-   cyrquota, cyrreconstruct, cyrmaster and cyrdeliver, following the template
-   set by upstream with "cyradm".  This was done because both Cyrus Debian
-   maintainers found the original names to be too generic and likely to cause
-   namespace collisions later.
-   Since documentation may refer to these utilities using their original
-   name, you must be aware of this fact.  Also, installsieve is deprecated
-   and not included in the Debian package; use sieveshell instead.
-2. Relocation of many Cyrus IMAP files
-   The default Cyrus install scatters files all over the place.  The Debian
-   package installs only a few files in /usr/bin (cyradm, sieveshell).
-   IMAP/email administrator utilities are installed in /usr/sbin (such as
-   cyrreconstruct).  Programs that must be run by cyrmaster are installed in
-   /usr/lib/cyrus (such as imapd and pop3d).  Sockets go into
-   /var/run/cyrus/socket, per FHS 2.2.  Sieve files go in /var/spool/sieve, but
-   an /etc/sieve compatibility symlink is also installed just in case.
-   The imapd.conf and cyrus.conf configuration files are in /etc. The PAM
-   policy files are in /etc/pam.d.
-   Feel free to use dpkg-statoverride to change the permission of
-   /var/run/cyrus/socket, the cyrus packages will not override your
-   configuration if dpkg-statoverride is used.  In fact, you will most probably
-   have to do so for postfix to deliver to Cyrus, for example.
-3. Removal of netnews support
-   Netnews support as it were is dead.  Cyrus 2.2 has a brand new approach,
-   and the stuff in Cyrus 2.2 is not functional, and thus removed from this
-   package.
-4. Debian Cyrus IMAPd logs with facility MAIL instead of LOCAL6.  Also, it
-   prefixes *all* log output with "cyrus/" (e.g.: imapd logs appear as
-   "cyrus/imapd[#####]" instead of "imapd[#####]").  This last change was
-   accepted upstream for Cyrus 2.2.
-5. Cyrus Murder, the Cyrus IMAPd/POP3 aggregator is available.
-   However, you will have to configure it yourself.  No pre-packaged
-   configuration of Murder is available at this time...  The documentation is
-   all there, and the Cyrus packages will happily preserve your Cyrus Murder
-   configuration.  You do not have to install the cyrus22-imapd or
-   cyrus22-pop3d packages in hosts that only need the proxy daemons running,
-   but do note that the /etc/pam.d/imap and /etc/pam.d/pop files are in those
-   packages (and they are needed by the proxies), so you will have to create
-   the files manually.
-   One important note: MUPDATE doesn't support TLS, so you won't be able to
-   use plaintext authentication methods.  The easiest thing to do is to put
-   an entry for your mupdate user in sasldb2 and use DIGEST-MD5. 
-General notes and hints:
- o *** ALWAYS READ /usr/share/doc/cyrus22-common/NEWS.Debian *** after
-   you upgrade the package.
- o QUOTAS ARE LIMITIED TO 2GB on some platforms.
-   Be careful to not set quotas over that ammount if your platform doesn't
-   support the C datatype "long long". Things will break in very bad ways.
-   Yes, it is a big glitch, and no, there are no easy workarounds.
-   see https://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/show_bug.cgi?id=1212
- o Either turn off logging of the DEBUG level, or don't complain about cyrus
-   verbosity on the logs.  Don't ever ask in the mailing lists about messages
-   logged in the DEBUG level before reading the source code.
- o Watch out for your /dev/random bitbucket! SASL may use it, and if it
-   empties, it will hang the processes wrapped up by SASL.  This means
-   just about every Cyrus service (lmtp, imap, pop3, sieve)...  Disable
-   APOP in /etc/imapd.conf if you don't need it, as it is a serious draw 
-   on randomness resources.
- o One extremely important point to notice is that saslauthd works ONLY
-   with plaintext.  APOP, CRAM-MD5, OTP, DIGEST-MD5 and any other "auxprop"
-   SASL mech will *not* work through saslauthd.  This can and will cause
-   serious issues in Cyrus murder environments.
- o When using ext3, Cyrus really wants data=journal.  However, up to
-   kernel 2.4.20 there are dangerous bugs in that option, so you're better
-   off not using that.  xfs is faster and better for Cyrus, anyway.
- o nscd users: nscd is highly incompatible with ldap, and somewhat buggy
-   otherwise.  If you use nscd and Cyrus segfaults on you, try restarting
-   nscd, or disabling it.
- o "The Debian libldap2 and cyrus-imapd packages are both compiled using the
-   SASL library.  If you use cyrus-imapd together with libnss-ldap, or
-   saslauthd together with libpam-ldap, the resulting double calls to SASL
-   library functions can trigger a double-free bug which may cause the calling
-   process to crash.  To avoid such a crash, you must recompile the libldap2
-   package --without-cyrus-sasl."  --  http://bugs.debian.org/145766 [!@#$%!!!
-   I didn't expect SASL 2.1 to still have this annoying problem]
- o The lmtp service (allocated in Debian Woody to port 2003, and non-existent
-   on Debian Sarge) is non-standard.  It has no port officially allocated
-   anywhere; it is usually run bound to the localhost interface, unless one
-   needs it for clustering and high-availability scenarios.  If you need it
-   elsewhere, by all means move it -- you only need to edit /etc/services, or
-   change the port for the lmtp service in /etc/cyrus.conf.
- o The lmtp service will only allow Cyrus lmtp administrators to authenticate.
-   Set them in /etc/imapd.conf.
- o Cyrus can now use two different namespaces (the standard one, where all
-   subfolders are children of INBOX, and one where they are all in the same
-   hierarchical level).
-   See /usr/share/doc/cyrus22-common/html/altnamespace.html for details. If
-   you deal with a large population of winboze users, this option can save
-   you some headaches.
- o One can also chose between netnews-style notation for folders
-   (INBOX.subfolder), where the "." character is reserved to separate folders;
-   or UNIX-style notation (INBOX/subfolder), where dots are allowed in names,
-   and the slash separate folders (the "^" character is reserved in this 
-   mode).
-   See /usr/share/doc/cyrus22-common/html/altnamespace.html for details.
- o When using SASL, do keep in mind that cyrus runs under user cyrus, and not
-   root.  It cannot read shadow files (unless you add the user cyrus to group
-   shadow), or perform any root-only operations directly.  You need to use the
-   saslauthd (or, if available, auxpropd) mechanism to authenticate against
-   root-only data.  And that also means user cyrus must be able to talk to the
-   unix socket saslauthd uses (which is controlled by SASL, not Cyrus IMAPd).
- o Any of the SASL configure options can be inserted in imapd.conf, just
-   prefix it with "sasl_" (e.g.: sasl_mech_list: PLAIN).  The list of SASL
-   options is in /usr/share/doc/libsasl2/options.html.
- o The services are tcp-wrapped.  Their hosts.allow/hosts.deny id is the
-   service name in /etc/cyrus.conf. See hosts_access(5).
- o The PAM service names for use with SASL (via saslauthd) are:
-   "imap", "sieve", "lmtp", "pop", "mupdate".
- o You need to specify your admin users in /etc/imapd.conf before you can
-   add mailboxes, or deliver through authenticated lmtp. Do NOT use root.
-   We suggest user cyrus, which is already used by the system for all 
-   things Cyrus IMAPd... but it need not be an existing user.  As long as
-   SASL will authenticate against it, it will work.
- o Do NOT read your admin user's email via IMAP (see the FAQ for details).
- o Don't export your mail store over NFS or AFS (read the FAQ for more info).
-   You have been warned.  You really want a journaled (as in journaling for the
-   metadata), local filesystem for the store.  Failing that, you need
-   something with very strict and correct lock semanthics, and full mmap
-   support.
- o Ext2 is slow on very large directories (right now), and sync medatada
-   writes enabled are a huge performance hit. If you need high IO throughput
-   from Cyrus, you will need to use ext3, reiserfs, xfs or something like
-   that.  xfs is probably the best one.
- o You may want to enable/disable synchronous metadata writes to your mail
-   store dirs (check /usr/share/doc/cyrus22-doc/html/install.html for more
-   info, in package cyrus22-docs).  The cyrus-makedirs script tries to do the
-   right thing for ext2 and ext3 filesystems.  Failure to correctly update the
-   metadata in the right order can completely screw up your Cyrus store on a
-   power-loss or another disk failure.
- o Try mounting the store and cyrus database filesystems with noatime for
-   performance gains.  Load-balance the store using multiple partitions on
-   different physical devices for even better performance gains.
- o Cyrus IMAPd should be fed mail through LMTP.  If at all possible, use
-   the Unix socket for that -- it automatically authenticates as user
-   postman and that will help wonders.  cyrdeliver can also be used to
-   inject mail, but it will simply open an LMTP socket to cyrus and
-   deliver through that -- this is much slower than using LMTP directly.  
-   The UNIX socket is in /var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp.  Use dpkg-statoverride
-   if you need to change the permissions of the socket directory.
- o You can use /usr/sbin/cyrus-makedirs to generate the needed directories
-   for cyrus partitions.  It is run automatically by the package postinst,
-   and it knows to parse the /etc/imapd.conf file to verify if hash
-   subdirectories are needed or not.  It cannot detect what kind of hashing
-   should be used yet.  If you recompile the package with full hashing,
-   change it.
- o Refer to cyrus-utils.sourceforge.net and the info-cyrus mailinglist
-   for mailbox/imap to cyrus conversion scripts.
- o If you don't use pop3, or something else enabled by default in cyrus.conf,
-   disable it.  Otherwise, Cyrus master will log warnings that the service
-   could not be started.
- o If you want to run something that is not in /usr/lib/cyrus/bin in
-   cyrus.conf, just use the full path in cyrus.conf (e.g.: 
-   cmd="/usr/sbin/squatter").
- o Sieveshell is really lacking on auth capabilities, and timsieved is quite
-   strict on what auth capabilities it offers.  So, pay attention to
-   sasl_minimum_layer, and see bug #151925 for more details
-   (http://bugs.debian.org/151925).  Also, make sure you have the correct set
-   of SASL2 modules installed in in your system.
- o uw-mailutils has some nice utilities to migrate mail stores from/to imap
-   servers.  You might find it quite useful to migrate a site to Cyrus.
-Known bugs
- o Group lookups in LDAP (through nss-ldap) will not work well.  See Debian
-   bug #156671.
-SNMP logging
-cyrmaster is an agentx SNMP subagent, and it can interface to a agentx SNMP
-master.  It will export data at OID . (cyrusMasterMIB).
-The ucd-snmp daemon (package snmpd) is NOT configured to work
-as agentx master agent by default -- you have to do that manually,
-by adding "master agentx" to the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file.
-cyrmaster will register with the snmp agentx master when it is started,
-so if the snmp master is restarted after cyrmaster, it will not forward
-the snmp requests to cyrmaster anymore.  Check your system for any cron
-scripts that might be restarting the snmp process if that happens.
-See /usr/share/snmp/mib/CYRUS-MASTER-MIB.txt for more details.
-Backing up for rainy days
-Cyrus automatically checkpoints and backups some of its databases, using the
-ctl_cyrusdb(8) utility (EVENTS in /etc/cyrus.conf).  It is supposed to be also
-capable of recovering automatically from these backups, and to attempt to do so
-at startup.  However, ctl_cyrusdb -r is NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET... you are on
-your own to recover from corrupt databases.
-This recovery can be done using the db3 utilities, and even by smart usage of
-cvt_cyrusdb(8) and ctl_mboxlist(8).  The automatic backups are useful, too,
-even if they are not restored automatically.
-The database backups are stored at /var/lib/cyrus/db.backup*, you may want to
-copy the files there to backup media in a cronjob, or something like that.  You
-can kill the TLS cache database, as long as Cyrus is stopped when you do it.
-Loss of the delivery database is not very bad, it just means some users might
-get duplicated messages.
-Cyrus does NOT backup the mail store automatically.  To backup the mail store 
-partitions, you must stop Cyrus and dump the entire partition to your backup
-media.  The MH-like structure of the Cyrus store do make them suitable for
-incremental backups.  Hot-backups of the store can be made, but you risk losing
-some non-critical metadata when the restore is done.
-You can backup all Cyrus non-text databases to a flat text file format using the
-cvt_cyrusdb utility (and recover back from the flat text file format), but you
-should stop Cyrus first.
-If you ever need to recover the mail store from backup, you should run
-cyrreconstruct(8) to rebuild the mailbox indexes.
-A daily maintenance cronjob uses ctl_mboxlist(8) to dump the mailboxes database
-to /var/backup. That backup copy can be used as a last-resort copy if the hot
-backups become corrupted somehow.
-Debian source package quirks
-There aren't many.  Patchset numbers as provided by the cvsps utility in its
-default configuration are used to denote patches taken from upstream CVS in the
-changelog.  Less important patches from upstream CVS (such as documentation
-updates) are applied without adding a changelog entry.
-Thanks go to the CMU crew for producing Cyrus IMAPd in the first place;
-Michael-John Turner <mj at debian.org> for maintaining the v1.5 branch and setting
-the groundstones for the v2.1 package; David Parker <david at neongoat.com> and
-David D. Kilzer <ddkilzer at theracingworld.com> for their huge help in getting
-the v2.1 packages out-of-the-door, and the upgrade from v1.5 guide; Fabian
-Fagerholm <fabbe at paniq.net> for stress testing the daemons, and useful
-feedback; and Gilles Bouthenot <gilles.bouthenot at fcomte.iufm.fr> for good
- -- Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>
+-- Steffen Joeris <steffen.joeris at skolelinux.de>  Tue, 24 Jan 2006 13:49:19 +0000

Modified: trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/changelog
--- trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/changelog	2006-01-24 12:26:21 UTC (rev 210)
+++ trunk/kolab-cyrus-imapd/debian/changelog	2006-01-24 12:55:25 UTC (rev 211)
@@ -1,130 +1,27 @@
 kolab-cyrus-imapd (2.2.12-1) experimental; urgency=low
-  * Build for kolab
+  * Build for kolab, based on packaging from cyrus22
+    special thanks to cyrus-maintainers
+   [ Steffen Joeris ]
- --  <steffen.joeris at skolelinux.de>  Thu,  5 Jan 2006 12:11:51 +0000
+   * conflicts against cyrus22 package
+   * drop pam, because we use saslauthd and direclty ldap
+   * new build-depends mainly for ldap
+   * include patches from Kolab usptream
+     ( 100-kolab-imapd, 105-cyradm.sh, 110-Admin.pm, 120-kolab-Shell.pm,
+       130-kolab-imapd-goodchars, 140-kolab-ldap, 150-kolab-auth_unix)
+   * remove -doc package, because we can use the cyrus22-doc package
+   * drop nntp because there is no need for it with kolab
+   * remove various README files, because they only belong to the
+     cyrus22 package
+   * wrote README.Debian
+   * add lintian override for source
+   * change various pathes to make kolab- packages
+   * change pathes in scripts to make it kolab compatible
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-1) experimental; urgency=low
+   [ Noel Koethe ]
+   * change configuration in conffiles
-  [ Benjamin Seidenberg ]
-  * Revised to build against pristine upstream sources.
-  [ Sven Mueller ]
-  * Fixed a discrepancy between documentation and actual behaviour of the
-    "dracinterval" imapd.conf option. Documentation always said the default
-    would be 0, while the default was actually 5.
-  [ Henrique de Moraes Holschuh ]
-  * Change build-dependency from libsnmp4.2-dev (ucd snmp) to libsnmp9-dev |
-    libsnmp5-dev (netsnmp), so that it works right in sid/etch and sarge
-  * Upload to experimental
- -- Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>  Tue, 29 Nov 2005 02:10:21 -0200
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.9) unstable; urgency=low
-  [ Sven Mueller ]
-  * Add patch to be compatible with BerkeleyDB 4.3
-  * Add patch to fix TLS/SSL shutdown in timsieved
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:56:20 +0100
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.8) unstable; urgency=low
-  [ Sven Mueller ]
-  * Fix a problem in the init scripts new status check, found by Benjamin
-    Seidenberg.
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:14:05 +0100
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.7) unstable; urgency=low
-  [ Sven Mueller ]
-  * Switch most deletions of autogenerated files to use debian/deletable.files
-  * Switch all remaining patches to dpatch so that the .diff.gz should now be
-    clean except for the files in debian/.
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Thu, 10 Nov 2005 16:06:09 +0100
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.6) unstable; urgency=low
-  [ Sven Mueller ]
-  * Added kolab2 annotation patch as proposed by Christoper Sacca
-  * Added a small patch to lower the minimum pop3 timeout to 1 minute.
-    The default is still at 10 minutes. I also added some documentation to make
-    it clear to admins that it is _not_ recommended to lower the value to less
-    than 10 minutes (because that is what the standard says it should be at).
-    I needed this change for use at my workplace though. The patch is disabled
-    by default.
-  * Patched init script to support everything LSB 3.0 asks for, including the
-    "right" return codes, as far as we can.
-  * Add patch to enhance sieveshell a bit:
-    - Add --execfile parameter to read commands from a file
-    - Add --password parameter to pass the users parameter on the commandline
-    - Add code to return with a non-zero exit code if the last command
-      executed failed for some reason.
-  [ Ondřej Surý ]
-  * Add 64bit quota dpatch.
-  * Rerun autoconf and add result as dpatch. 
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Fri, 23 Sep 2005 18:55:57 +0200
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.5) unstable; urgency=low
-  * Update upgrading information
-  * Include masssievec in cyrus22-common
-  * Applied patch from Raphaël 'SurcouF' Bordet <surcouf at debianfr.net> to add
-    nntp support again.
-  * Eliminate an unused variable from tools/masssievec to get rid of perl
-    warning.
-  * Update Recommends and Suggests for cyrus22-common as suggested by HMH
-  * Move several patches from patching the source directly to patching through
-    the use of dpatch
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Tue, 24 May 2005 23:13:18 +0200
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.4) unstable; urgency=low
-  * Fix usage message in deliver.c to reflect Debian naming of (cyr)deliver,
-    (cyr)quota and (cyr)reconstruct
-  * Document the defaultdomain setting a bit better (hopefully)
-  * fix deletion of debian/cyrus-hardwired-config.txt during cleanup
-  * build both arch-dependend and arch-independend parts when debian/rules is
-    called for the build target
-  * Add Sven Mueller to the list of uploaders
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Fri, 29 Apr 2005 00:14:04 +0200
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.3) unstable; urgency=low
-  * Add a README which contains the configure options used to
-    compile the package. The README is auto-generated by debian/rules
-  * cyrus22-clients needs to conflict with cyrus21-clients
-  * cyrus22-common needs to conflict with cyrus21-common 
-  * Add a guess of what the problem might be to the set_cert_stuff failure
-    message
-  * Update a few Replaces:, Provides: and Conflicts: lines in debian/control
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:26:27 +0100
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.2) unstable; urgency=low
-  * Fix some more perl executable paths
-  * clean up debian directory a bit
-  * install sievec with cyrus22-common
-  * install mbexamine with cyrus22-common
-  * install smmapd with cyrus22-common
-  * install cyr_expire with cyrus22-common
-  * install installsieve with cyrus22-admin
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:48:33 +0100
-cyrus22-imapd (2.2.12-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
-  * Initial revision of cyrus22-imapd package
-    - debian packaging taken from cyrus21-imapd_2.1.18-1
-  * Add/fix imapd.conf info regarding virtual domains
-  * Add DRAC support (i.e. apply DRAC patch from /contrib)
-  * Add syncldap2cyrus.pl script from #260833 (a cyrus21 bug)
- -- Sven Mueller <debian at incase.de>  Fri, 18 Mar 2005 13:34:09 +0100
+ -- Steffen Joeris <steffen.joeris at skolelinux.de>  Thu,  5 Jan 2006 12:11:51 +0000

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