[pkg-kolab] Bootstrap attempt

Steffen Joeris Steffen.Joeris at skolelinux.de
Thu Jul 27 04:01:59 UTC 2006

Hi Johannes

Thanks a lot for your effort.
Today I looked at a bit at your bootstrap script. At first thanks a lot for 
the work :)
I am not sure if we should offer a python script for that because it would 
introduce python dependencies and the rest of the kolabd and the old 
kolab_bootstrap script is in perl.
Anyway we currently have no other solution for now and I want to offer 
something for our users to make sure that it is easy for everyone to setup a 
kolab system. Therefore I plan to provide the script under /usr/share/kolabd 
and add a small note into the README.Debian to recommend using this script.
For now I don't want to introduce the python dependencies.
If we really have the time we could maybe start to write the script in perl 
following your code step by step :)

Ok let's try to go into details. I am not completely sure about the password 
handling and the file handling in /tmp, we have to be careful with that.

Hmm currently we are answering the user on the command-line for several 
inputs, shouldn't we use debconf for that, either in the kolab_bootstrap 
script or in the maintainer scripts of kolabd?
I would currently go for putting the questions into the config script and 
using them in the postinst, but I am unsure about the password handling.
Maybe someone can comment?

Greetings from the flight to Melbourne (currently close to Hongkong)
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