[pkg-kolab] Bug#375431: included

Steffen Joeris steffen.joeris at credativ.de
Thu Jun 29 11:26:40 UTC 2006


> >I also don't see a reason for changing the checkpoint option (was it
> > really a change?).
> slapd complained about its location and I had to change it before it
> would start.
Ok, your change added.

Can you maybe give me an explanation why you need to change "require none" 
to "#require none" ?

> >The ntp problem is a bit strange, haven't seen that before or I can
> > remember, please check it again.
> I am running a stable distribution and installed kolabd with the -t
> testing flag which removed ntp. If you installed everything from
> testing, it should not be a problem.
Well then I will leave it as it is :)

> >Maybe you want to explain this local_transport = kolabmailboxfilter
> > option? :)
> I found that local mail (and sometimes mail from fetchmail) would not
> get delivered correctly without this option. It might have been caused
> due to something else and I don't know any of the packages well enough
> to comment more than that.
Hmm I am not sure if we should support this? I guess we can stay with our 
current mail setup.


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