[pkg-kolab] Bug#368143: kolab-cyrus-imapd: renaming of the init script, the "default" script, cronjob, etc.

Tom Fernandes anyaddress at gmx.net
Fri May 19 23:33:04 UTC 2006

Package: kolab-cyrus-imapd
Version: 2.2.12-7
Severity: minor

Not too sure if this is a bug - please judge and close if invalid.
The init script, the script in /etc/default, the cronjob and some others
are prefixed with "kolab". They are e.g. named


The cyrus script is named


In the end the kolab-cyrus package is "yet another cyrus package". So
shouldn't the names of the scripts stick to the original ones if
possible to make the fork as small as possible?

On the other hand one might argue, that the scripts should have the
package names name to keep things clear.

warm regards,


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