[pkg-kolab] Bug#399996: kolab-cyrus-common: the squatter parameter is missing from cyrus.conf

Tom Fernandes anyaddress at gmx.net
Fri Nov 24 19:54:50 CET 2006


On Thursday, 23. November 2006 05:20, Benoit Mortier wrote:
> Package: kolab-cyrus-common
> Version: 2.2.12-8
> Severity: normal
> The cyrus.conf is missing the squatter parameter
> # index generation
>         squatter        cmd="/usr/sbin/squatter -v -r user" period=1440
> This build index, improve performance and get rid of the squatter messages

hmm - not sure if this is really a good idea to make it a default setting. It 
is not a default setting in cyrus-imapd=2.2.13-9 and there's probably a 
reason for that. The cyrus maintainers might be able to explain why it's not 
enabled as default. Therefore CC'ing.

Some reasons I can image is that for a small setup squatting might not be 
needed. For a large setup squatting (creating the indexes) takes _a long_ 

So IMHO it should be up to the administrator to enable or disable it. 

The cyrus maintainers have the following lines in their cyrus.conf:


# indexing of mailboxs for server side fulltext searches

        # reindex changed mailboxes (fulltext) approximately every other hour
        #squatter_1     cmd="/usr/bin/nice -n 19 /usr/sbin/squatter -s" 

        # reindex all mailboxes (fulltext) daily
        #squatter_a     cmd="/usr/sbin/squatter" at=0517




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