Bug#400022: [pkg-kolab] Bug#400022: kolabd should not depends on slapd,

Cajus Pollmeier cajus at debian.org
Fri Nov 24 16:31:35 CET 2006


This is a huge design flaw in kolab. LDAP is for centrailzation of 
information. kolabd is just a replica that watches if something changes, 
doesn't use this information and makes an additional request to the LDAP 

If your Mailserver is inside of a DMZ, you probably don't want to replicate 
your complete LDAP to the DMZ.

kolabd can be called as a cronjob, too. We do it this way, because everything 
else makes no sense for us. To use the kolabd package, I've to install and 
deactivate slapd - and I don't like software on servers, where I don't need 

My proposal: make it recommend slapd.


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