[pkg-kolab] Kolab Installation in Debian

Esteban Adrián Pérez dgeaperez at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 6 21:58:26 CET 2007


I´ve some experience in the "linux" world, but I think it is not enough to 
solve this...

I tried to install Kolab in many ways, but without success: Kolab.org steps, 
some posts found in several forums, and with aptitude...

I surprised in the "lack" of tutorials or howto or "step by step papers" to 
install Kolab in Debian... (or perhaps I don´t know use Google for that? or 
Linux doesn´t love me)

What you need than I post here to help me to install Kolab? Is this project 
alive actually?

To start I receive a message about a file or directory not found 
(openpkg.2.4.3-2.4.3-*-*-*.sh) after a while using the steps showed here: 

the Script exits when procesing line 436, after several erros about 
duplicated declarations, from line 49 to 52 in 52 stdint.h

I´ve a log file which has all the output of the process... I´ll send it in 
private message to who require  it...

Thanks in advance!...


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