[pkg-kolab] Problem with "loops back to myself"

Benoit Mortier benoit.mortier at opensides.be
Tue Feb 6 23:49:44 CET 2007

Le Lundi 22 Janvier 2007 11:59, Alessio Cecchi a écrit :
> Hello
> i have installed kolab on debian etch with the following instructions:
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-kolab/kolabd/trunk/debian/README.Debian?op
>=fi le&rv=0&sc=0
> POP/IMAP works fine but when i send an e-mail i get the following error:
> <info at test.it>: mail for [mail.test.it] loops back to myself

I stumbled on this also and after much trial and debugging ;-) i found this.

If you are using only kolab server remove this line

> This is my main.cf:

> transport_maps = ldap:/etc/postfix/kolab-ldaptransport.cf

from you main.cf

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