[pkg-kolab] Re: State of debian packages?

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Wed Mar 21 16:06:53 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch, 21. März 2007 13:16 schrieb Philip Hands:
> If that's the case then the current state of the packages appears to be
> causing you to haemorrhage potential kolab users, and so potential bug
> reporters and contributors.

I can only repeat, if you have a grudge, make a concrete statement and file a 
bug.  Certainly the packages are not all that easy to use, but that wasn't 
really the point when we moved away from openpkg.  The point was easier 
maintenance of running systems.  We have experimented with bootstrapping 
scripts several times, but that really didn't appear to be any better.

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