[pkg-kolab] Various tweaks against the svn trunk

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Fri Oct 19 12:07:17 UTC 2007

Am Mittwoch, 26. September 2007 schrieb Philip Hands:
> 1) kolab-resource-handlers sites-available/kolab
> This symlink is wrong, and so stops successful installation as apache2 will
> not restart if the symlink is hanging:

Done.  This was probably bug #445664.

> 2.1) postfix aliases not set up properly
> I'd suggest adding a line:
>   aliases_file=${sysconfdir}/aliases


> 2.2) postfix canonical & relocated files
> These are referred to in the main.cf, but not created or postmap-ed, so
> give rise to errors

Yeah, I'm not sure where these are supposed to come from.  Probably other 
operating systems create them by default.

> 2.3) amavis
> The master.cf is setup to use amavis, so I'd have thought that kolabd
> should at least recommend amavisd-new

Done.  I've added a Suggests, since Recommends now implies automatic 

> 2.4) minor tidying of 10-dist_conf.dpatch
> -sasl_smtpconffile=/etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf
> +sasl_smtpconffile=${sysconfdir}/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf


> 3) postfix's master.cf
> All instances of 'flags=n' should be replaced with 'null_sender=' and a
> version dependency should be added to ensure that we get a recent enough
> pipe to support that option

Done.  We already require postfix >= 2.4, so that's covered.

> $emailserver_master_usr is not being defined in dist_conf/debian, so we
> should either do that, or change @emailserver_master_usr@ to
> @emailserver_musr@, say.


> kolabfilter.php and kolabmailboxfilter.php reside in /etc/kolab so:
> -    -f @resmgr_scriptsdir@/kolabfilter.php
> +    -f @resmgr_confdir@/kolabfilter.php
> ...
> -    -f @resmgr_scriptsdir@/kolabmailboxfilter.php
> +    -f @resmgr_confdir@/kolabmailboxfilter.php

Done.  This was actually the result of our own patch. :-/

> Also, /etc/kolab/resmgr.conf has restricted permissions (root:www-data)
> which means that if kolabfilter.php is run as kolab for example, it's
> unable to read that config file -- so should kolabfilter.php be running as
> something else, or should that file belong to kolab:www-data?

Done.  Changed to kolab:root.

> 4) /etc/kolab-webadmin/session-vars.php
> It would be nice if this was populated by the kolab_bootstrap script.

We'd have to convince kolab_bootstrap to behave reasonably if the optional 
webadmin package is not installed.  Or we just put the config file there 

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