[pkg-kolab] r1074 - php-kolab-format/trunk/debian php-kolab-freebusy/trunk/debian php-kolab-server/trunk/debian php-kolab-storage/trunk/debian

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Wed Dec 17 14:02:02 UTC 2008

Author: mparent-guest
Date: 2008-12-17 14:02:02 +0000 (Wed, 17 Dec 2008)
New Revision: 1074

update short description

Modified: php-kolab-format/trunk/debian/control
--- php-kolab-format/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 13:56:11 UTC (rev 1073)
+++ php-kolab-format/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 14:02:02 UTC (rev 1074)
@@ -13,6 +13,6 @@
 Package: php-kolab-format
 Architecture: all
 Depends: php-pear, horde3
-Description: A package for reading/writing Kolab data formats
+Description: read/write Kolab data formats
  This package allows to convert Kolab data objects from
   XML to hashes.

Modified: php-kolab-freebusy/trunk/debian/control
--- php-kolab-freebusy/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 13:56:11 UTC (rev 1073)
+++ php-kolab-freebusy/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 14:02:02 UTC (rev 1074)
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
 Replaces: php-kolab
 Architecture: all
 Depends: php-pear, horde3, php-kolab-server, php-kolab-storage
-Description: A package for providing free/busy information
+Description: provide free/busy information
  This package provides free/busy information for the
   users of a Kolab server. A Kolab client changing calendar data in an
   IMAP folder is required to call the triggering script provided within

Modified: php-kolab-server/trunk/debian/control
--- php-kolab-server/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 13:56:11 UTC (rev 1073)
+++ php-kolab-server/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 14:02:02 UTC (rev 1074)
@@ -13,6 +13,6 @@
 Package: php-kolab-server
 Architecture: all
 Depends: php-pear, horde3, php-auth, php5-ldap, phpunit
-Description: A package for manipulating the Kolab user database
+Description: manipulate the Kolab user database
  This package allows to read/write entries in the Kolab user
   database stored in LDAP.

Modified: php-kolab-storage/trunk/debian/control
--- php-kolab-storage/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 13:56:11 UTC (rev 1073)
+++ php-kolab-storage/trunk/debian/control	2008-12-17 14:02:02 UTC (rev 1074)
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 Architecture: all
 Depends: php-pear, php-net-imap, php-mail-mimedecode, php-http-request, 
  php-kolab-format, php-kolab-server, php-auth, horde3
-Description: A package for handling Kolab data stored on an IMAP server
+Description: handle Kolab data stored on an IMAP server
  Storing user data in an IMAP account belonging to the
   user is one of the Kolab server core concepts. This package provides
   all the necessary means to deal with this type of data storage

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