[pkg-kolab] Proposed 2.2rc1 kolab packages

Benoit Mortier benoit.mortier at opensides.be
Thu Feb 21 09:18:55 UTC 2008

Le jeudi 21 février 2008, Mathieu PARENT a écrit :
> Hi Benoit,


> We met at solution linux a month ago, I am ok to work with you and to
> commit changes to your svn.

o nice ;-)

> But I would prefer if these changes go to debian's pkg-kolab, so that
> debian will rock a little bit more, and that we'll have more feedback.
> Maybe we can use trac/svn until 3.2 is released, horde 3.2 is in
> debian and bugs 456591 and 456947 are fixed ?

my idea was to work like i work for the gosa-project. i work and fix thing 
and commit everything in our svn and from time to time i update the GOsa 
svn when  i fixed the set of problem i wanted to fix.

> This is my second set of packages (Peter knows it, he is also on the
> pkg-samba team), and I am a bit newbie in these areas, but I propose
> to join the pkg-kolab team.

i already have an account on the pkg-kolab svn

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