[pkg-kolab] State of kolab 2.2 in Debian / some questions

Mathieu PARENT math.parent at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 17:24:18 UTC 2008


Horde 3.2rc3 has been released. It includes several kolab fixes. The
pkg-horde team is ready to upload horde3 rc to experimental in
following weeks

Kolab 2.2rc2 is coming. It includes our patch for syslog.

I have done more test with the kolab 2.2rc1 packages that I have done.
I think they should go to experimental.

I have some remarks :
- For IMAP authentication, I have to do ''adduser postfix sasl''. Is
this normal ? I think we'll have to add this in the kolabd postinst

- I need to run :
touch /etc/postfix/access
postmap /etc/postfix/access
touch /etc/postfix/canonical
postmap /etc/postfix/canonical
touch /etc/postfix/relocated
postmap /etc/postfix/relocated
#maybe :
rm -f /etc/postfix/aliases.db

Do you have the same requires ?

- freebusy doesn't need imap_annotation patches. This is not the case
with 2.1. Good reason to push 2.2 !

- We should document how to plug amavis-new. Has anyone done this ?

- I have updated http://wiki.debian.org/Kolab



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