[pkg-kolab] Feedback on 2.2 deb pkgs

Daryl Caudill drokmed at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 20:07:19 UTC 2008

Two test machines, both registered Internet domains:

1st- existing Lenny/amd64 kolab 2.1, perform upgrade
2nd- fresh sid/i386 install, fresh kolab 2.2 deb


1st: Upgrading Kolab, on a Lenny system:

- added kolab-debian archive to sources.list
- aptitude update
- aptitude dist-upgrade (dist-upgrade is required to
force the upgrade, otherwise it will just hold back
all of the kolab packages)
- kolab_bootstrap -b
answered all questions, when starts openldap, slapd
goes 100% cpu, bootstrap script never continues past
'Waiting for OpenLDAP to start'


Install on fresh sid system:
- use businesscard iso (expert) to install fresh sid
- add to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://mathieu.parent.free.fr/debian unstable main
- aptitude update
- aptitude safe-upgrade
- aptitude install kolabd

errors encountered when processing:

This one looks more like a sid exim vs postfix
problem, and not necessarily kolab related.  Might
have to wait a few days for sid to fix.

Here is the full install log for this server:


The first machine is a laptop running Lenny.  I'm not
willing to reformat it, too much of a pain getting
video etc drivers fixed.  I'll purge/reinstall
packages on this one.

The second machine is an amd64 server, I've run both
i386 and amd64 on it.  I reformat it all the time. 
I'm willing to wipe it again... what
version/architecture do you suggest next?  btw I'll be
happy to give you a shell login into it (email me for
this please).

Hope this helps.


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