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Mark Pavlichuk pav5088 at internode.on.net
Thu Oct 16 11:51:13 UTC 2008

  Is this a known issue?

  I can't test the latest packages until I get back on site (tomorrow), 
and of course work out how to compile required package/s from source.

Rouven Sacha wrote:
> On Thursday 16 October 2008 04:32:54 Mark Pavlichuk wrote:
>>   We have been trialing Kolab v2.2 (/w Horde and Toltec clients...
>> users mainly on Toltec) for a couple of weeks, but now we have a
>> difficulty - one user is having calendar entries replicating themselves
>> - eventually there can be tens or hundreds of duplications.
> Ah. Nice to have that confirmed. We once had a calendar with 90.000 identical 
> entries with kontact and synckolab.
>>   - we're using Kolab and Horde debs (yes, I know...  but that's the
>> only real way to get Kolab and Horde to peacefully coexist with other
>> services running on the same box).
> We are using the same packages  so that error might be a packaging error. 
> Alioth has new kolab packages today - we should submit a bugreport to the 
> debian maintainers if that problem still exists. 
> Cheers,
> Rouven

Mark Pavlichuk
Strategic IT
ph. (07)47242890
m. 0409 124577

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