[pkg-kolab] issues after upgrading to kolab

Robert Gerlach khnz at gmx.de
Thu Feb 12 03:31:41 UTC 2009


I've just upgraded my postfix/cyrus mail system to Kolab (snapshots from 
alioth) and I'm running into some issues.

1. All logins to Horde fail.
After google'ing some time I have found php bug #33500 [imap_open() fails when 
the server advertises GSSAPI] from 2005. Some guys recommends up-imapproxy 
(from imapproxy.org) to workaround this issue and it works fine for me. Has 
someone experience with this proxy (I prefer this one because it's simple and 
debianized, but I'm open for all)? Is it safe to use a proxy for all php/IMAP 
related stuff?
I would like to see some variables to easily use a proxy for imap stuff. 
Something planned?

2. FreeBusy doesn't work for me.
I traced it down to Session.php from the php-kolab-server package. It includes 
"Horde/Kolab/IMAP.php" in line 261, but there are two such files in the include 
  # dpkg -S Horde/Kolab/IMAP.php
  php-kolab-server: /usr/share/php/Horde/Kolab/IMAP.php
  horde3: /usr/share/horde3/lib/Horde/Kolab/IMAP.php
In my case Session.php takes the wrong one and failed (at line 263, because 
class Horde_Kolab_IMAP isn't defined). As workaround I have changed line 261 to 
the full path to IMAP.php, works fine now.

3. Shared IMAP folders are converted to lower case and have a needless 
"shared." prefix.
Why lower case folders? Cyrus and Sieve are working fine with mixed case folder 
names (we used this a lot).
Anyway, I have removed strtolower from 
/usr/share/kolab/admin/sharedfolder/sf.php line 175 and the prefix definition 
from /usr/share/perl5/Kolab/Cyrus.pm line 87 and no problems so far.

4. My syslog is filled with
  kolabfilter[20860]: [horde] PHP Error: Net_LMTP::include_once():
  Failed opening 'Auth/SASL.php' for inclusion (include_path=
  Code: 0 [pid 20860 on line 124 of "/usr/share/php/Net/LMTP.php"]
but can't find the package that contains Auth/SASL.php. Any hints?

5. webadmin accepts special characters like '!' in names, so kolabd failed to 
create the mailboxes.

Don't know what issues are real and what are the result of my "upgraded" or my 
configuration. I'm happy to provide additional information, testing or patches 
if needed.

So far, THANKS for all your work on Kolab,

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