[pkg-kolab] Bug #411529 - Still slow performance when updating cyrus-common

Thilo Uttendorfer t.uttendorfer at linux-ag.com
Thu Jul 30 10:06:47 UTC 2009


I don't know how to reopen an archived bug, so I send this mail to the maintainer-addresses.

There is still an issue with /usr/sbin/cyrus-makedirs when updating the spool partitions in various cyrus versions. 

cyrus-common-2.2 2.2.13-14+b3 (lenny):
	find "$i" -print0 \( -not -user cyrus -or  -not -group mail \) | xargs -r -0 chown cyrus:mail

kolab-cyrus-common 2.2.13-5+b3 (lenny+unstable based on cyrus-common-2.2):
	find "$i" -print0 \( -not -user cyrus -or  -not -group mail \) | xargs -r -0 chown cyrus:mail

cyrus-common-2.3 2.3_2.3.8-1 (unstable):
	find "$i" -not -user cyrus -or -not -group mail -exec chown cyrus:mail {} \;

The cyrus-common-2.2-versions have the problem that "-print0" should be the last argument of find. With "print0" at 
the beginning, every file will be changed which is very slow.

The cyrus-common-2.3-version works but is much slower when there are files with wrong owner/group because -exec will 
start a new process for every single file.

So I would recommend the following for all versions:
	find "$i" \( -not -user cyrus -or  -not -group mail \) -print0  | xargs -r -0 chown cyrus:mail

Best regards,

Thilo Uttendorfer
Linux Information Systems AG
Putzbrunner Str. 71, 81739 München

t.uttendorfer at linux-ag.com, http://www.linux-ag.com

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