[pkg-kolab] First steps in setting up Kolab

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 08:14:36 UTC 2009


On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 4:10 AM, Geordie <geordi at kos.net> wrote:
> Hi
> First congratulations on becoming a Debian developer, I am not sure what is
> involved, but I bet it is probably a little more complex than just typing an
> email.

There are several steps, with a lot of questions.

> Like most folks I have been some what busy lately and I have had little time
> to play with this. I decided to give a fresh start so I set up another round
> on VirtualBox. This time I had no dependency problems with kolab. kaddressbook
> is another issue, with some dependency problems right now.
> Things did not work after the boot strap. I tried https://kolabdserver/admin
> in kongueror and got a 404 error. Then I check to see if kolab-webadmin was
> installed and it wasn't. Installed webadmin Tried https://kolabdserver/admin
> and got a 404 error. I probably have restart apache or something else, so I
> just rebooted.
> Tried https://kolabdserver/admin and got the kolab web page but ldap came up
> with
> Could not bind to LDAP server:
>> Invalid credentials
> I have included the Konsole output.
> Let me know what else I can try.

You should follow
(or README.Debian in /usr/share/doc/{kolabd,kolab-webadmin}).

The sed parts should solve your LDAP problem:


Mathieu Parent

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