[pkg-kolab] imap server name in kolab-webclient

Neil Price nprice at gibb.co.za
Thu May 13 08:20:54 UTC 2010

This situation arises when the web server is not in the same domain as 
the imap server.

I have this in etc/kolab-webclient/horde3/kolab.php
* Hostname of your IMAP server (usually the same as the hostname of the 
Kolab server) */
$conf['kolab']['imap']['server'] = 'ctgw-1.gibb.local';

/* Primary mail domain of your Kolab server */
$conf['kolab']['imap']['maildomain'] = 'gibb.co.za';

Login fails and this error is in horde.log

May 13 11:24:24 HORDE [debug] [imp] IMAP errors: No such host as 
ctgw-1.gibb.co.za [pid 8583 on line 175 of 

I conclude that the fqdn imap server name above is not used but the 
server name is constructed from the host portion of the imap server name 
and the primary mail domain. Is this a bug or am I not allowed to use a 
fqdn in $conf['kolab']['imap']['server'] ?

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