[pkg-kolab] TODO-list for Kolab in wheezy

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 11:16:44 UTC 2011


2011/4/17 Christoph Wickert <wickert at kolabsys.com>:
> Am Donnerstag, 14. April 2011, 17:42:00 schrieb Mathieu Parent:
>> Hello,
>> Here is a raw todo-list for Kolab, any inputs appreciated.
>> 1. package Kolab 2.3 once released
> The 'authoritve' source tarballs for most packages can now be found at
> http://files.kolab.org/server/development-2.3/sources/ and
> http://files.kolab.org/server/development-2.3/externals/ where 'sources'
> contains code that is hosted at http://git.kolab.org/server/ while 'externals'
> is hosted elsewhere, mostly in Horde's CVS.


>> 4. move kolab_bootstrap from slapd.conf to cn=config
> can you give me more details about this?

Openldap in Debian squeeze use dynamic configuration ([slapconf],
which is upstream recommended).

I have added a [hack] that convert file-based config to runtime-based
config when running kolab_bootstrap or kolabconf. This is far from
perfect. Another hackish solution would be to force slapd to go the
old file-based config way.

The long-term solution would be to modify the ldap tree directly
and/or use "ldap_*" and "slap*" commands. This is [issue3000]. I'm
cc-ing kolab-devel, as this is where it should happen.

- compliant with upstream openldap recommendations
- no need to reload slapd when changing configuration (acls, ...)
- no need to reload slapd when adding slaves (slurpd or syncrepl) - I
have not tested this
- ability to add slaves from the slave using ldap instead of ssh
(having the cn=config root password)
- ability to add kolab on top of an existing slapd server

- Difficult: how to bootstrap?
- kolabconf gains complexity (not doing only file-based configuration)



[slapconf]: http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/slapdconf2.html
[hack]: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-kolab/libkolab-perl/trunk/debian/patches/90-slapd-runtime-config.diff
[issue3000]: https://issues.kolab.org/issue3000

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