[pkg-kolab] Kolab2 KVM install - could not connect ldap server

fastumzug at fastmail.fm fastumzug at fastmail.fm
Mon Jun 18 16:58:47 UTC 2012


I'm about to install a Kolab2 server like shown here
I run '# /kolab/sbin/kolab_bootstrap -b' and got the error:

Waiting for OpenLDAP to start
could not connect ldap server ldap:// at
/kolab/sbin/kolab_bootstrap line 525.

Is this ok? Can I move on with the installation process or is this a
serious issue?

I started the KVM image with: 

'kvm -m 760 Kolab-Squeeze-i386.kvm'

So,there is no network bridge that time as shown in the installation
wiki. But I've got the error:

open /dev/kvm: No such file or directory
Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support

on the kvm host. I guess that should be ok, because the kvm image is
running and I had a running bridge configured withanother kvm image.

Kind regards, tom

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