[pkg-kolab] Update

Paul Klos kolab at klos2day.nl
Fri Dec 27 14:21:25 UTC 2013

The permission issues on the repositories have been resolved, thanks Mathieu. This means our Kolab packaging repositories are publicly accessible at:


Anonymous (read-only) git access works as well.

I've worked on roundcube-plugins-kolab. Installing and configuring now takes care of:
- asking some questions about the Kolab installation using debconf
- creating additional tables in the roundcube database using dbconfig-common
- installing the kolab plugins into an existing roundcube installation
- updating the various plugin configuration files
- configuring plugins from the roundcube-plugins package that Kolab requires
- activating the required plugins
- various other changes to the main roundcube config file

As for these last points, I'm assuming that the user wants to install a Kolab enabled roundcube, or Kolab-enable an existing roundcube installation, so configuring roundcube-plugins-kolab takes care of some configuration changes in files that do not technically belong to the package. All changes are done through ucf, so they can easily be undone, or refused and handled manually. No files are overwritten without asking.

I have tested the package on an new VM, and pointed the newly installed roundcube to my existing kolab 3.0 installation, running on a different machine.

I suppose some review would be in order here. Assuming we agree about the packaging at some point, who is going to take care of the actual upload?

The same question applies to libkolab and libkolabxml, of which there are also updated (new upstream releases) versions available in our packaging repos.



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