[pkg-kolab] kolab packages for wheezy

Mathieu Parent (Debian) sathieu at debian.org
Thu Mar 28 09:01:31 UTC 2013

(cc-ing proper ML)

2013/3/26 Sune Vuorela <sune at debian.org>:
> Hi

Hi Sune,

> I just noticed that wheezy is about to release with kolabadmin and kolab-
> webadmin in ancient versions and no other kolab bits. Is this on purpose?

kolabadmin is outdated since long, but I think it should be kept in
Debian until it becomes unmaintainable (hard to fix FTBFS, ...).

> Is it maybe better to release without that?

Yes, kolab-webadmin should not be in wheezy. I have filled a bug for
this (#704119).

> /Sune
> --
> Genius, I cannot insert the gadget, how does it work?
> First you never need to save a icon of a RAM BIOS to the site over the SCSI
> GPU, this way from MkLinuxPPC and from Internet Explorer you neither should
> get access over the connection on the FPU over a Ultra POP editor of a Ultra
> application to a monitor over a SCSI SIMM, nor must rename the space bar, so
> that then you can't explore with a cache in order to forward to a PCI tool.

Mathieu Parent

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