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Sandro Knauß knauss at kolabsys.com
Wed Jul 2 11:36:52 UTC 2014


I have some comments/questions:

> 1) libcalendaring-* doesn't have a single symbol in common with kdepimlibs
> *and*
why is that needed? all libs are named differently, have a different version 
and the headers will lay in /usr/include/calendaring/  ->I don't see the 
point, why compile two times one with kdepimlibs and the other one with 
libcalendering is not enough?

> 2) there are two versions of libkolab(-xml) that doesn't conflict and
that should be easy solvable with different install destinations.

> 3) these versions of libkolab(-xml) doesn't share symbols.
Well actually, if the both versions have different symbols, than all 
applications has be updated to have the support for libcalendering.

>That way, there are no symbol clashes and no file clashes, and you can have a 
>kolab test server on your laptop together with kontact and be sure that it 
>doesn't blow up in your face.

Why it should blow up, if there are two libs lying around with same symbols? 
The linking is done against a library and not against the symbols. Or do you 
care about dh_shlibdeps?


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