[pkg-kolab] Bug#730600: Bug#730600: libkolabxml FTBFS (because of unit test failures)

Franz Schrober franzschrober at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 18 06:42:19 UTC 2014


I've tried really hard but I wasn't able to reproduce your build failures in the unit tests. And when googling around, I only found hints that this is caused by a broken php installation. For example because the php installation is on a incompatible version to the php dev packages (something which is hard to fix by the Debian source package).

What kind of chroot was it? I've tried sbuild and pbuilder/cowbuilder on i386 and amd64. All unit tests worked perfectly fine.

But it looks like the symbols file needs a lot of love (i386 output was too long to be displayed in my terminal emulator and caused an build error).

Thanks to Diane for this work :)

I hope this gets sponsored soon so we can have the new kdepim with kolab support and I can have a look at the bug #748614

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