[pkg-kolab] kdepim and kolab

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Tue Jun 24 18:07:21 UTC 2014

> What is the correct Debian way of creating it? I could add touch to the
> rules file somewhere, but I am assuming that some debhelper magic 
> have set the package up instead. Also, pykolab isn't python-kolab, but it
> is in the pykolab.xml package that I see this kolab importing going on.
> Maybe I'll review what the Ubuntu people did, if anything, and I'll also
> check to make sure that python-kolab is a known dependency of 

In my opinion the correct way of creating it would be to create a patch file 
that fixes the kolab build system to create it. (And then submit that 

Because if someone wanted to build outside of the packaging they'd 
probably like the kolab package to be importable.

Also for libkolab / libkolabxml to actually be released in debian they 
probably will need symbols files.

I made some progress on a symbols file for libkolabxml.


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