[pkg-kolab] Kolab debian repositories

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Wed Mar 19 04:48:33 UTC 2014


I was wondering what's the best current repositories for looking for debian 
packaging for kolab? 

I was dget-ing files from http://obs.kolabsys.com:82/Kolab:/3.1/Debian_7.0/

There's some packages on git.kolabsys.com/apt but they seem older than the obs 
packages. Then there's Paul's mercurial packages, but that's only a few of 

Using a mix of the obs packages, and git checkouts I did get roundcube+(most) 
kolab plugins running and showing mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries 
using dovecot 2.2.10 and postgres. 


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