[pkg-kolab] kdepim and kolab

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon May 26 21:55:25 UTC 2014

On Monday 26. May 2014 21.25.16 Paul Klos wrote:
> I've done some work on packaging more recent versions, that might serve
> as a starting point.
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-kolab/libkolabxml.git;a=summary
> and
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-kolab/libkolab.git;a=summary
> This was in december, so it might be neccessary to get stuff up-to-date
> again.

I'd forgotten about this work, so I'd started trying to merge the Ubuntu 
packaging with the upstream packaging with not too much success. Trying to 
build the libkolab package from above almost works, but even with the apparent 
missing build dependencies added...

libboost-system-dev, libboost-thread-dev, libossp-uuid-dev, libxerces-c-dev

...I see the following error:

dh_shlibdeps -- -xkdepim-runtime 
        dpkg-shlibdeps -Tdebian/libkolab0.substvars -xkdepim-runtime 
dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for 
/usr/lib/libkolabxml.so.1 (used by debian/libkolab0/usr/lib/libkolab.so.0.5.0)
dh_shlibdeps: dpkg-shlibdeps -Tdebian/libkolab0.substvars -xkdepim-runtime 
debian/libkolab0/usr/lib/libkolab.so.0.5.0 returned exit code 2

If someone could suggest the magic to make this work, I think we'd have a 
working package.

> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an uploader, but I suppose I
> could work through mentors again if necessary.

I can't help with this, unfortunately, but I'd certainly encourage someone 
from the KDE-related communities to take an interest.


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