[pkg-kolab] kdepim and kolab

Maximiliano Curia maxy at gnuservers.com.ar
Tue May 27 11:00:43 UTC 2014

¡Hola Torsten!

El 2014-05-26 a las 14:43 +0200, Torsten Grote escribió:
> On Sunday 18 May 2014 02:13:48 Maximiliano Curia wrote:
> > I'm currently packaging the new upstream release of kdepim and friends

> Thanks a lot for this!

> Your mail has just been moderated through to pkg-kolab-devel. Has there been
> any news since you sent it?

Yes, Paul Boddie started working on libkolab, based on the debian package and
the ubuntu repository, and now it's rebasing that on top of the libkolab git
repository. I think he might need a hand, also libkolab build-depends on
libkolabxml, so I think it would be a good thing if libkolabxml gets uploaded.

I'm uploading kdepim and friends to experimental to have some testers on the
nepomuk migration to baloo, built without kolab support in the meantime.

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Saludos /\/\ /\ >< `/
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