[pkg-kolab] Review libkolab 0.6.0

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Sun Feb 15 19:47:39 UTC 2015

Replying to a few different messages:

On Sunday, February 15, 2015 13:48:10 Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer 

> - s/Updateed/Updated

My ability to spot spelling errors is not good.

> - Sandro: did you ask for Diane and/or Paul's ACK for adding you as

I did suggest he add himself for libkolabxml, so it was a safe assumption for 
libkolab. But yes it probably is better to be explicit.

So yes I think having an upstream developer helping maintain the packages is a 
good idea.

> Diane: you are listed as an Uploader in both packages, who did sponsor the 
> upload?

Excluding a couple of NMUs the last people to upload for both libkolab and 
libkolabxml were (from earliest to most current) Paul Klos signed by Pino 
Toscano, Diane Trout signed by Maximiliano Curia, and Maximiliano Curia

> Has the typoed symbol been present in a release already? If it has been, it' 
> either soname bump or keeping the typoed symbol, marking it as deprecated
> and also providing the new one.

Yes it was present in libkolabxml 1.0.2


Lisandro is right, the more correct thing is to bump the SOVERSION. though it 
is also true that the only client of libkolabxml is libkolab.

It occurs to me that without the bumping the version it is possible that for 
someone to end up with the old version of libkolab and the newer version of 
libkolabxml installed. (And thus subject to possible SEGFAULTS)

Gotta run to get lunch now.

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