[pkg-lighttpd] First issue, patch system?

Krzysztof Krzyzaniak eloy at kofeina.net
Wed Nov 30 19:22:18 UTC 2005

Torsten Marek wrote:

>>>>Done. I had to uclean the package first, due to some leftover .svn
>>>I've built package from repository. I't look fine for me.
>>So, we are ready to upload into debian repository?
>>  eloy
> Hi,
> sorry, I was busy doing homework during the last days. I don't have any bigger
> issues on my todo-list. Maybe some more debianized stuff (default page,
> directory listing template), but that's not really relevant for now. We could
> also think about making the configuration system like Apache's (with the
> xyz.d-dirs etc.), but I don't know if anybody wants that.
> So I would say yes. There'll be enough issues/wishlist items from other people
> once it's in unstable, I guess.

I think the same.

> BTW, the Closes: <itp-bug> is missing from the changelog, as far as I remember.
> Generally, the Debian changelog could use an overhaul. Should we really include
> all the older entries? They've got nothing to do with our packaging anyway.

I will remove old entries before uploading.

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