[pkg-lighttpd] Bug#386568: Bug#386568: lighttpd: Problem exists in current sid version

Patrick Schoenfeld schoenfeld at in-medias-res.com
Sat Sep 15 15:55:05 UTC 2007


sorry, for the late reply. I have not received a mail by the BTS, but
saw this when i revisited this bug entries page latest.

> could you please reinstate:
> alias.url = ("___invalid___" => "___invalid___")
> in lighttpd.conf somewhere, and then use the alias.url += version in

i did add this in lighttpd.conf. And my conf-enabled/10-mantis.conf
looks like this:

alias.url += ( "/mantis/" => "/usr/share/mantis/www/" )

> your configuration and tell us if it works ?

No. It does not work. Current installed version is lighttpd 1.4.18-1 due
to upgrades. Note also, that I am trying to access the alias from
localhost, so IMHO this is pointless, because of the /doc/ alias, isn't it?

Another note regarding the alias topic:
The contained /doc/ alias does only work if calling http://hostname/doc/
(note the slash at eol) while it is not working without the slash at the
eol. Is that wanted behavior? Seems to be wrong.



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