[pkg-lighttpd] Bug#445224: Why disable?

Olaf van der Spek Olaf at XWIS.Net
Thu Feb 28 09:15:54 UTC 2008

Michal Čihař wrote:
> Hi
> No, I really don't want to disable cache.


 > Why disable?

Just in case the proper solution is too difficult to implement, but 
apparently it's simple. ;)

> Adding debian/cron.d:
> 0 4 * * *   www-data  find /var/cache/lighttpd/compress -type f -atime +30 | xargs -r rm
> and dh_installcron call in debian/rules would solve this bug.
> PS: If you want to reach submitter by email, include him in to/cc
> addresses.

I know. The BTS should be improved to do that itself, as I keep forgetting.



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