[pkg-lighttpd] Bug#471388: Bug#471388: lighttpd: Fails to start with "(network.c.159) socket failed: Address family not supported by protocol"

Pierre Habouzit madcoder at debian.org
Mon Mar 17 23:14:08 UTC 2008

On lun, mar 17, 2008 at 09:46:39 +0000, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> Package: lighttpd
> Version: 1.4.19-1
> Severity: important
> Hi!
> Today wile upgrading lighttpd, I saw this message:
> Setting up lighttpd (1.4.19-1) ...
> Starting web server: lighttpd/usr/sbin/lighttpd: Symbol `FamErrlist' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
> 2008-03-17 18:43:32: (network.c.159) socket failed: Address family not supported by protocol 
>  failed!

  in fact the reason is probably that you disabled ipv6 on your host
blacklisting the ipv6 module, and I enabled ipv6 by default in lighttpd
with the previous upload. If that's the case, the solution for you is to
comment out the ipv6 setting, and please close the bug, as Debian
default installs are supposed to support ipv6 by default, else I'm
interested in the details.

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